The Vision: To provide intelligent data analytics tools to assess and optimize energy utilization and a predictive maintenance solution to assist users in maintaining equipment that accounts for a large portion of the company’s energy consumption.

The Mission: To extend the use of renewable energy with high-quality standards that anticipate the errors in the system and inform the user in advance, calculate the correct amount of energy, contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Oryx Data Incubator was established in 2018 by Mathieu Ozer.
His excellent knowledge and experiences for years helped to realise the product Politrace in a short time. While the headquarter is in Paris, there are also 6 team members from France and Spain, 10 members from Turkey and the UAE is coming soon.
Oryx Data Incubator aims to grow in a short time and increase the number of people on its team, and the successes so far predict that this will happen.

Mathieu, the CEO, has a master’s degree from Telecom ParisTech engineering school; he held various positions in engineering and program management. He is specialized in Big Data and continues to in real-time streaming and industrialization of products.

A message from him: As Oryx Data, we care about the world, energy, and the people. We try to protect nature and future generations by producing alternative autonomous solutions in the industry, considering the unique needs of our customers. We meet your needs with reliable technology and innovative financial models.

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